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Qian Hengrong, director of FAW Xichai plant, and Xu Xuefen, Secretary of the Party committee, delivered new year's greetings

Qian Hengrong, director of FAW Xichai plant, and Xu Xuefen, Secretary of the Party committee delivered new year's greetings

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sheep bid farewell to the old year with the new wind, and the monkey Festival ushered in the new year with righteousness. Farewell to the unforgettable 2015, promote the implementation of green manufacturing concept in the whole process of product life cycle, and usher in a new 2016. On behalf of Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant of FAW Jiefang company, we would like to extend holiday greetings and new year's greetings to the vast number of users, partners and friends from all walks of life who have always supported and cared for Xichai for a long time, and to all vanadium workers who love and are loyal to Xichai at the bottom of the valley

2015 is the end of the first phase of the four start-ups and the 12th Five Year Plan. Over the past five years, Xichai has unswervingly promoted transformation and upgrading, focused on quality, efficiency and efficiency, paid close attention to brand, innovation and management, and achieved a "double harvest" of development quality and efficiency. The factory has sold 1.56 million engines, achieved a total sales revenue of 49.2 billion yuan, and achieved a total profit of more than 1.3 billion yuan. It ranks first in the industry in the 350 horsepower heavy engine market and is absolutely ahead in the 11 liter engine market for three consecutive years. Xichai has become the 33rd "enterprise culture demonstration base" that will show chaos after national changes, and won the 15th "National Quality Award"

2016 is the second stage of four entrepreneurship and the first year of the 13th five year plan. In the new year, we should closely focus on the deployment of the 13th five year plan, promote the "four changes", accelerate the "four improvements", and strive to achieve the goals of integrating the product level with the international level, integrating the management level with the international level, partially leading the technology, and leading the brand in China. In the new year, we should deepen transformation and upgrading, continue to improve product quality, continue to accelerate technological innovation, continue to promote lean management, continue to strengthen party building, continue to improve system capabilities, make users more satisfied, make enterprises more resilient, and make employees more natural and unrestrained

Guan Shan had not washed the dust for the first time, so he rode his horse and whipped it again. Under the correct leadership of FAW Group and Jiefang company, we will bravely assume the political, economic and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, embark on a new journey with the spirit of seizing the day and the courage to fight and win, achieve new leaps, compose a new chapter of development, and create brilliant achievements, so as to create a "national brand and high-end power", promote the independent cause of FAW to become stronger and bigger, and realize the goal of "people first"? Car? Make new contributions to the harmonious development of society! 9. The gap between the damping pin and the damping hole of the oil supply valve of the horizontal tension machine is too small

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