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on March 30, the German solar photovoltaic enterprise Q-Cells, which is already in trouble, said that considering that the court will make a ruling denying the existing debt to equity swap plan, the company will find another way to restructure its debt. Q-Cells, once the world's largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic cells, cited the Frankfurt court's ruling on the construction and design of Muyu universal experimental machine, which filed for bankruptcy earlier last week. Pfleiderer, a material processor, made different materials

the court ruled that the bondholders of Pfleiderer should abandon their application to convert their bonds into corporate bonds

q-cells said: "the group company believes that the court's ruling is wrong, but the lawsuit against Q-Cells' restructuring plan, which should be as simple as possible, will also be handled by this court. We have no reason to believe that it will change its view."

In February, Q-Cells reached a restructuring agreement with major bondholders on three convertible bonds in principle, giving 95% of the shares of Q-Cells to these bondholders. "In view of the current development trend, the company is studying other ways to implement the restructuring plan."

the crisis caused by the rapid decline in the price of solar photovoltaic equipment, overcapacity and the reduction of government subsidies has led to the bankruptcy of solar photovoltaic enterprises, including Solon, solarmilenium and solarhybrid

under the internal economic cycle, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities for the industry in 2021, which is slightly larger than that of the same type of aircraft.

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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