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Qi Jian, CEO of Sany International: actively embrace and promote intelligent upgrading

Qi Jian, CEO of Sany International: actively embrace and promote intelligent upgrading

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"actively embrace and promote intelligent upgrading based on mission and values." At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Qi Jian, CEO of Sany international, said in an interview with securities. Standing at the starting point of the new era, Qi Jian also looked forward to the future of the company's industry, and had an in-depth exchange with Sany international on its future strategic planning and growth logic

"to make construction machinery the best in the world"

for some time, Sany group and its Hong Kong listed company Sany international have made remarkable achievements. Not long ago, Sany group ranked second among the most admired Chinese companies in 2019 published by Fortune magazine

according to the publicly disclosed data, in the first three quarters of 2019, Sany international achieved an operating revenue of 4.36 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.2%, and a net profit of 790 million yuan, a sharp year-on-year increase of 54.6%. According to a research report released by industrial securities recently, Sany international is expected to continue the growth trend of the first three quarters in 2019, give the company a "buy" rating and raise the target price to HK $5.78. Thanks to the substantial improvement of operating performance, Sany international has attracted much attention in the capital market, and the company's share price rose steadily in 2019. According to the data of Oriental Fortune choice financial terminal, as of December 31, 2019, Sany international closed at HK $4.26 per share, which was 68.27% higher than the closing price at the end of August when song Lilu, chairman of 201 Qingdao sairuida Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., told reporters

"these achievements stem from our full consensus on our own mission and value, that is, to make construction machinery the best in the world." Qi Jian told securities, "if a company's goal is to make the society better, it will get a lot of help. As an operator, we need to gain the recognition of friends, compatriots, society and even overseas customers with our products, businesses and contributions to mankind. Any one of our subsidiaries, as long as we can make our products reach the world's advanced level, we will make contributions to mankind."

"automation upgrading brings broad space"

driven by the high outlook of the industry, Sany international has achieved eye-catching business performance in recent years. For future development, Qi Jian believes that from the perspective of the industry, automation and intelligent upgrading will also face broad growth space. In terms of coal machinery, with the gradual abolition of the night shift system of coal workers and the continuous introduction and implementation of safety regulations and policies, coal mining continues to evolve to mechanized personnel replacement, automated personnel reduction, and intelligent unmanned. Coal enterprises need to purchase more intelligent mining equipment to realize the transformation of the production process to fewer people and unmanned

"this kind of benign guidance on policy will bring huge space for equipment upgrading and replacement for the coal machinery industry." According to Qi Jian, coupled with the huge annual demand for coal, the demand for updating coal machinery and equipment is expected to bring rare development opportunities to the entire industry

In terms of port machinery, Qi Jian believes that the trend of large-scale and automation of wharf handling equipment can help the company better resist cyclicality

according to Qi Jian, since the record breaking delivery of super large container ships in 2018, the world's top container shipping companies delivered dozens of ships with a total of nearly one million TEU in 2019, including several super large container ships with a maximum container capacity of 23000 TEU. At present, the height and boom length of the quayside bridge crane have become the main factors restricting the docking of super large container ships

"the most convenient way to improve is for terminal operators to invest in ordering larger shore bridges. In addition, in order to solve the problems of low loading and unloading efficiency and high labor costs, many large terminals have launched plans to build and transform automated terminals." Qi Jian said, "through remote automatic control, autonomous loading and unloading, comprehensive perception, remote monitoring and intelligent management, the loading and unloading efficiency can be greatly improved. These will provide stable growth opportunities for the company's logistics equipment business at home and abroad."

securities learned from Sany international that with the gradual emergence of technology, market, brand and after-sales advantages accumulated over the years, the company has continuously produced new products offline and put into operation. The remote intelligent control technology of the roadheader in the coal machinery sector has successfully realized the over the horizon cutting operation. The skt90s wide body vehicle in the mine has not only ensured the experimental accuracy domain, but also been rapidly promoted and applied. The industry's first pure water hydraulic support has passed the acceptance of Shenhua Group. In the logistics equipment sector, the company has launched new green energy-saving products such as electric stacker, electric steel (material) grabber, second-generation electric truck and unmanned electric truck, which have also been recognized by the market

according to Qi Jian, in 2019, with the active expansion of Sany international, the company made significant progress in overseas market sales. Mining equipment has achieved major breakthroughs in the international markets such as Ukraine, India and Indonesia; The company also delivered frontal cranes to Maersk's U.S. ports and Indian container companies, and heavy forks to Mexican customers

"in the future, we are more confident to realize the further concentration of market share to Sany international and promote the further change of market competition pattern." Qi Jian said

"strive to become a pioneer in Intelligent Manufacturing"

"in the past, we talked about 'creating first-class enterprises, cultivating first-class talents, making first-class contributions, and changing the world with quality'. Now we talk about 'becoming a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing', which is our basic consensus at present." Qi Jian told securities, "in the future, the company will actively embrace and promote intelligent upgrading, strive to extend to emerging industries, improve business structure, and use businesses in the rapid growth period to ensure stable performance growth."

Qi Jian said that the company has jointly established Sany Robot Technology Co., Ltd. with Sany group, which can make full use of the technical advantages of Sany group to help Sany international accelerate the rapid breakthrough in the intelligent fields of perception, analysis, independent decision-making and automatic control, and accelerate the intelligent, unmanned and motorized product upgrading and promotion of mining equipment and logistics equipment

Qi Jian said, "only by walking with the times, promoting the progress of industry technology, striving to become a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing, applying digital technology to all links of operation, fully and sincerely embracing and understanding digitalization can we become a business card of China's manufacturing industry."

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