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The 11th stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Guizhou

the 11th stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Guizhou

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recently, a large-scale "customer care trip" activity in Shantui Guizhou region was held at the headquarters of Shantui Guizhou, and the service team of Shantui immediately rushed to the construction site to start the 2018 customer care activity in Guizhou region

in April, Guizhou has sunny weather and pleasant climate, and the construction site is busy. Whether it is the double expansion of Longdongbao airport, the rise of Gui'an new area, the poverty alleviation and development of Kaili road of hope, the opening of mountains and bridges of Du'an expressway, there are all kinds of shoe soles made by mountain pushing equipment and footwear manufacturers everywhere. In the remote and harsh construction site, the loader can shovel and unload freely, the bulldozer is overwhelming, and the roller flattens the gravel, a busy scene full of passion and hope

a total of more than ten sets of customer equipment were visited this time. Equipment inspection, active maintenance, and timely troubleshooting of contact equipment faults. During the visit, every Shantui device left a busy figure of the care group, launching personal driving to test the performance of the device; Stop and check carefully to avoid any hidden dangers; Clean the exhaust hole, add butter, clean the air filter element... Exchange on site, tell the driver to carry out daily maintenance, equipment performance. At present, China's wood plastic composites have been strongly supported by national policies in the development of the industry. Seven points rely on support. Seeing such careful guidance from Shantui people, the driver nodded frequently, and the equipment owner was full of smiles and praise

unlike in the past, this visit is positive and innovative. During the day, each customer's equipment is inspected and maintained, and at night, the equipment operators are trained in the operation, use and maintenance of the equipment during the rest time after work. The problems found during the routine inspection of the equipment during the day were summarized and analyzed, and the situation reflected by the operator was responded in time. The training and exchange site was extremely active, which not only exposed the operator to a more comprehensive daily operation and maintenance training, but also answered many doubts that had plagued the operator for a long time

when a customer visited, the training exchange was originally planned to be held at 7 p.m. and at 5:30 p.m., another customer suddenly received a road roller failure report. In order to make the customer fully feel the "meticulous guarantee" and timeliness of Shantui service, the team immediately decided to use dinner time to rush to the site for troubleshooting, and the failure repair immediately rushed to the training site. After the exchange, it was 10 p.m. After the training, when the customer learned that Shantui and his party were busy checking the equipment during the day and hurried to train the operators without eating dinner, he was particularly moved and said, "Shantui equipment is reliable and easy to use, and your Shantui service is even more sincere."

with sincere care, real service and meticulous and powerful guarantee, Shantui service has once again received a lot of praise in Guizhou

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