The 11th Five Year Plan power grid optimization re

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The "Eleventh Five Year Plan" power optimization report of southern China was issued

to further improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency, safety and stability level and power supply reliability of electricity, and optimize the technical and economic indicators of electricity. Recently, Southern Power Company issued the "Research Report on power optimization of the" Eleventh Five Year Plan "of southern power

after the implementation of the power optimization scheme, it is expected to achieve the following obvious effects: first, improve the transmission capacity of the South West East power transmission by 1million kW. Among them, the cloud power transmission capacity in 2010 can reach 9.58 million KW, 1.38 million KW higher than the original "Eleventh Five Year Plan" power transmission capacity; The transmission capacity of your electricity can reach 10.68 million KW, which is 1.08 million KW higher than that of the original "Eleventh Five Year Plan". The maximum transmission capacity of the section between Guangdong and Guangxi is 20.9 million KW, which is 1 million KW higher than that of the original "Eleventh Five Year Plan". The transmission capacity of the eight circuit 500 kV AC transmission lines in the Liangguang section has been increased from 7.8 million KW before optimization to 8.8 million KW, and the average transmission capacity of each circuit has reached 1.1 million KW, reaching a high level of transmission capacity. The second is to reduce the investment in transmission capacity of power transmission units from west to East. Third, improve the transient stability margin of West to East power transmission. In 2010, the transient safety and stability margin of the system load unit installed on the moving beam driven by electromechanical drive or oil pressure can be increased from 56 "before optimization. One researcher said that% can be increased to 64% after optimization, and the critical removal time can be increased from 0.123 seconds before optimization to 0.146 seconds after optimization. Fourth, reduce the power loss rate. In 2010, the absolute value of the annual transmission power loss of the west to East AC transmission channel is expected to be reduced by 39-46 million kwh in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, about 2.75% less than that before optimization. Fifth, improve the reliability of electricity. In terms of security, the average stable operation time of the system, such as "123.456mmm", has increased from more than 40 years to more than 240 years, and the instability frequency of the system has decreased by an order of magnitude. The optimization effect is very obvious

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