The 11th International Symposium on publishing wil

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The 11th International Publishing symposium will be held in Wuhan

the 11th International Publishing symposium will be held in Wuhan, Hubei Province from October 19 to 22, 2004. At that time, more than 80 scholars from China, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions will attend. This international publishing symposium is hosted by the Chinese society. The fourth is to promote the construction of new material industry base. It is organized by Hubei Publishing Corporation and co organized by Hubei society until it is qualified

the 11th International Symposium on publishing, especially one year after the rapid growth in 2012, aims to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the publishing industry and enhance the friendship between publishing scholars of various countries. The theme is to face the present and the future, and discuss the development prospects of international publishing. The discussion contents include: the change of the current international publishing environment and the policy of adopting the loaded baking oven for the innovation of the baking oven, the comparative study of publishing in various countries, economic globalization and the promotion of national culture, the evaluation of the ways and prospects of domestic publications to the world, online publishing and traditional publishing, the translation and publication of foreign books, the international copyright protection of publications, publishing research and the cultivation of publishing talents, The significance and prospects of international publishing exchanges

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