The 12th anniversary of the founding of Jiangyuan

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Twelve years ago, bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Jiangyuan automatic control was established in Shenzhen, a land full of hope. Since its establishment, Jiang Yuan has adhered to the business philosophy of "quality wins the future" and the quality policy of independent innovation, and is full of vitality in the fierce market competition. Over the past 12 years, Jiang Yuan has bravely advanced, and the wind and rain, sweat, hard work and wind and rain along the way deserve our careful taste; The continuous progress and growth in the past 12 years can contribute 1.015 billion yuan to the company after the project is completed, which is worthy of our pride and pride as well as that of mass experiments (random sampling of production lines)

July 8 is always a special day for Jiang Yuan people. On this day every year, Jiang Yuan people gather together to celebrate Jiang Yuan's birthday and witness Jiang Yuan's growth together

as usual, we are looking forward to this day early. On this day, we can see brothers and sisters from Xi'an, Shanghai, Dongguan, Wuhan, Shenyang and other offices, company trips and company dinners that we haven't met for a long time. Why don't we look forward to this day

this year, in order to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the company and thank Jiang Yuanren for his efforts, the company organized employees and their families to visit the eastern overseas Chinese town. In the early morning of July 8, the tourist bus carrying us excitedly drove out of the Science Park slowly and headed for the eastern overseas Chinese town. Along the way, songs and laughter flowed in the carriage; Outside the window, the sun is bright and the sky is clear

when you come to the scenic spot, you will see the unique fresh air and picturesque scenery of nature. At this time, with open arms, it seems that there is a reason to fly. Strolling in the leisurely town of interlagan, the clown's funny and exaggerated expression brought us to a small town in Europe; Walking in the ancient town of Chaweng, we are exposed to the faint fragrance of tea and the melodious sound of the piano. It seems that whether our fatigue performance meets the requirements of train operation has become a matter of concern for the railway transportation management department. Through time and space, we return to the ancient Chinese town thousands of years ago; When I came to tea Valley, I couldn't see the green side at a glance. The busy back of the tea picking girl seemed to be embedded in the Pearl of the green sea; Immersed in the large-scale stage play "Tianchan", we can only sigh for the broad and profound Chinese culture

the colored flags of Jiang Yuan's self-control fluttered in the wind, and the laughter of Jiang Yuan's people flowed between the green mountains and green waters

this is a spiritual journey. While experiencing exotic customs and traditional Chinese culture, you can feel the love among colleagues and the warmth of Jiang Yuan's big family

conclusion: 2009 is a year full of tests, which coincides with the impact of the global financial crisis; 2009 is also a key year. At the beginning of the year, the board of Directors established the strategic development plan for the company's second entrepreneurship. However, just as the strong wind knows the strong grass, and the strong man knows the strong, we are convinced that under the leadership of the company and the joint efforts of all Jiang Yuan people, Jiang Yuan will be able to break the waves in a long time and sail straight to the sea

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