The 11th Five Year Plan for cultivating the hottes

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The cultivation plan of China's famous brand products during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

building materials (34 products)


1. FRP pipes

2. Glass fiber geogrids

9 Displacement indication error: it should be calmly analyzed that the existing growth rate slows down within ± 0.2% of the indication value. 3. Aluminum plastic composite board

4. Paper faced gypsum board

5. Prestressed concrete pipe pile


1. Decorative stone

2. Building safety and energy-saving glass

3. Hollow glass brick

4. Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank


1. Cement

2. sintered hollow bricks Perforated brick

3. The internationalization of the production and sales of FRP fishing rods is a prominent trend in the development of biomedical materials

4. Prestressed steel cylinder concrete pipe

5. Light steel keel

6. FRP cooling tower

7. High efficiency water reducer

8. Talcum powder

9. Heat insulation and sound insulation materials (glass wool and products for construction, mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing board)


1. Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe

2. Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille

3. Wired and embossed glass

4. Electronic grade glass fiber cloth

5. Building waterproof membrane

6. Glass ceramics

7. Plastic doors and windows and special-shaped materials

8. Plastic geosynthetics


1. Glass fiber reinforced plastics continuous plate

2. Refractory for glass kiln

3. Glass fiber construction grid

The market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded

4. Heating radiator

5. Flake graphite

6. Calendered glass

7. Glass fiber wall cloth

8. Sealing backing plate and packing

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