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Tractor market situation analysis and 2012 market forecast

China Yituo is the chairman unit of the tractor market branch of China Agricultural machinery circulation association. Entrusted by the information consulting department of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, it makes an analysis of the tractor market situation on behalf of the branch

I. Basic Situation of tractor market in recent years

with the rapid development of China's agriculture and rural economy, the tractor market shows a good development trend. Especially since 2004, with the implementation of the national subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery for many consecutive years, the promulgation of the law on the promotion of agricultural mechanization, and a series of policies to benefit farmers and benefit agriculture, such as "feeding farmers with industry and leading villages with cities", the tractor market has been expanding, manufacturing and circulation enterprises have been growing, the competitiveness has been further improved, and the demand structure has been further optimized. The tractor market has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities

(I) 109 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects were selected in the tractor market; Arrange 47 directions and 61 projects of the industrial foundation project, showing a pattern of diversified development

1. The sales of large and medium-sized tractors increased rapidly, and the sales of small wheel tractors stabilized

under the continuous pull of favorable policies such as the release of agricultural machinery in line with the list of the fifth batch of enterprises in the "entry conditions for the waste processing industry", the large-scale use of too frequent trailers increased from 29000 in 2004 to 126000 in 2010. Domestic material change experimental machines started in the early 1960s and 710s, It has increased more than three times in six years; China tractor increased from 65000 units in 2004 to 189000 units in 2010, an increase of nearly twice in six years, and its sales volume maintained rapid growth

due to changes in demand, substitutes and other factors, the market sales of small four-wheel tractors have generally shown a downward trend in recent years, shrinking from 524000 in 2004 to 318000 in 2010

2. Large, medium and small tractors show different life cycles

large and medium-sized wheeled tractors: in recent years, the large and medium-sized wheeled tractor market has been increasingly driven by the agricultural machinery subsidy policy, showing obvious rigid demand. In the domestic market, the large and medium-sized wheel and trailer industry is in a growth period, the production technology is constantly upgraded, the market demand is strong, and the ownership is increasing year by year

small wheel trailer: after nearly 30 years of development, with the change of market structure and user demand, the sales volume has shown a decreasing trend year by year in recent years, and the industry has entered a recession, but new changes are pregnant with it. The social ownership of small wheel trailers is huge, and the main trend of market demand for small wheel trailers is to update, add new functions, and expand the use of small wheel trailers

(II) the market demand structure is further optimized, and the power continues to expand upward

under the influence of factors such as the reduction of rural labor force, the rise of labor costs, land circulation, large-scale production, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, the tractor market demand structure has changed significantly: large wheel tractors replace medium wheel tractors, and medium wheel tractors replace small wheel tractors. From the perspective of the whole demand structure, small wheelbarrows with more than 20 horsepower, medium horsepower wheelbarrows and high horsepower wheelbarrows have become the main force of the market. The demand for small wheel trailers with less than 20 horsepower, medium horsepower wheel trailers, and high horsepower wheel trailers has decreased year by year; The market demand for small wheelbarrows, medium horsepower wheelbarrows and large wheelbarrows with more than 90 horsepower continues to grow

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