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The industry UAV market was raided by the Red Army, and universal infrared technology swept the world

original title: the industry UAV market was raided by the Red Army, and universal infrared technology swept the world with the invincible offensive of infrared thermal imaging technology in the industry field

original title: the industry UAV market was raided by the Red Army, and universal infrared technology swept the world

with the invincible offensive of infrared thermal imaging technology in the industry, Its requirements and performance are also improving by leaps and bounds. It is estimated that by 2020, the infrared thermal imaging market will grow by more than 20%. Among them, a large piece of infrared equipment is applied to UAV pods to detect infrared radiation energy from the air, quickly lock the monitoring targets through infrared thermal images, and quickly make scientific decisions. It can make great contributions to the application fields of UAV industry, such as energy, public security, forest border defense, etc

therefore, the large array infrared PTZ carried by the universal industrial UAV supported by top-notch infrared thermal imaging technology came out of the situation and attacked with great strength

(FeiMeng platform 800*600 infrared PTZ)

high resolution + wide temperature measurement range + high thermal sensitivity

following the solid scientific and technological precipitation of Gaode infrared in the field of infrared thermal imaging for 19 years, GDU has mastered mature infrared thermal imaging technology. With years of deep technical accumulation, it combines infrared thermal imaging technology with UAV to create a cutting-edge "UAV + infrared PTZ" high-tech product

after three years of sharpening a sword, the official release of the universal flying alliance platform has set off a huge wave in the UAV industry. Based on the combination of infrared thermal imaging technology and UAV technology and broad application prospects, the flying alliance platform launched 800*600 high-resolution infrared PTZ, with an infrared resolution of 800*600 and a frame rate of 50Hz. Compared with the same type of infrared PTZ on the market, it has a higher resolution, so it has a higher degree of detail recognition of monitored things, The infrared thermal image has higher contrast, which can clearly show the abnormal temperature through the image, and obtain a more real and delicate monitoring picture, so as to achieve better monitoring effect. It is like that the UAV is equipped with "golden eyes", and the Red Army's sudden attack is unstoppable. Who will compete in the world

in addition, this infrared pan tilt has a wide temperature measurement range of -20 ℃ ~150 ℃, high thermal sensitivity, NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference) ≤ 30mk, larger temperature difference, which can effectively cope with extreme temperature environment, higher thermal sensitivity, ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement, stable output image quality, clear picture, and is suitable for a variety of complex temperature environments

(800*600 high-resolution infrared PTZ)

infrared thermal imaging PTZ relies on temperature difference imaging, while the general target temperature difference is not large. Ordinary infrared PTZ has insufficient ability to distinguish details, poor detail recognition, low contrast of infrared thermal image, and fuzzy image edge output due to its low resolution, small temperature measurement range, and low thermal sensitivity. Therefore, in industrial applications, the resolution There are extremely high requirements for temperature measurement accuracy and thermal sensitivity, and the universal 800*600 infrared PTZ has the characteristics of high resolution, wide temperature measurement range and high thermal sensitivity, which effectively solves these problems

in addition, 800*600 infrared PTZ is suitable for a variety of lenses, with dual channels of infrared and visible light; Support infrared 10 false color mode switching; One key auto focusing and professional micro focusing; Support infrared contrast brightness adjustment; It can be equipped with a junction box and support various control interfaces such as SBUs, PWM and serial port

"UAV + infrared PTZ" industry application scenario

infrared thermal imaging technology and unmanned 9 Control experiment mode: computer automatically controls the combination of experiment process machine, breaks the restrictions of light and space, and can capture clear and accurate thermal images anytime and anywhere. Universal 800*600 high-resolution infrared PTZ gives UAV a new visual dimension, quickly search large areas, detect places that are difficult to climb manually in close range, and judge abnormal temperature and identify hazards of detection targets, Transmit images to staff in real time. Infrared thermal imaging technology is widely used in electric inspection, oil pipelines, forest fire protection, public safety and other fields. Fearless of night haze, the exquisite and elegant appearance design has unlimited vision, and the work has become more efficient and safe since then

Power Patrol

infrared PTZ UAV can quickly lock the place where the fault occurs for timely repair, especially when detecting the location where visibility is low, manual climbing is difficult or dangerous, it can greatly reduce the detection omission caused by personnel fatigue or location danger, improve the detection efficiency, reduce the maintenance cost, and complete the safe and efficient patrol operation, with high safety, efficiency Obvious advantages of low operation cost

oil pipeline patrol inspection

when oil pipelines are widely used, many faults that cannot be detected by the naked eye are prone to occur, such as: pipe rupture, pipe blockage, partition corrosion, etc. the infrared pan tilt UAV can detect the temperature of the pipeline. According to the abnormal temperature shown in the thermal image, it can quickly find the place of rupture and damage, and take effective measures in time, It avoids the inconvenient and unsafe detection method of "listening, seeing, smelling and touching" only by manual

photovoltaic power generation

in the field of photovoltaic power generation, infrared PTZ UAV can quickly detect abnormal hot spots from tens of thousands of solar cell modules, eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers to the greatest extent, take preventive and remedial measures, significantly reduce manual detection costs, and improve detection efficiency

urban or forest fire protection

infrared PTZ UAV can carry out all-weather monitoring from a high altitude angle, and can accurately measure temperature in a large range and long distance. According to the trend of temperature change, it can quickly find potential fire sources, accurately detect the fire point and alarm before the temperature reaches the ignition point, so as to strangle the fire in the embryonic stage, eliminate hidden dangers, and effectively reduce the harm caused by fire

public safety

in the harsh environment of no light or haze, smoke and dust at night, the infrared PTZ UAV can carry out high-altitude observation and exploration. It has the characteristics of strong penetration and high temperature measurement accuracy. It can accurately identify hidden targets, track and trace suspects. Its monitoring ability is particularly outstanding, which greatly reduces the cost and time of police search and arrest, and has become a sharp weapon for police officers to attack criminals at night

the price is unparalleled, breaking the industry's new standard

Puzhou's 800*600 high-resolution infrared platform has clear monitoring images and high image quality. It is second to none in the infrared payload of UAVs in the industry, and the price has an absolute advantage. At present, the price of similar infrared payload products in the market is between 60000 and 90000. Puzhou hereby declares that it will use products with ultra-high cost performance to benefit partners, If you sign an infrared product order of 100 units, you can enjoy a special price of 35000 yuan per unit. This policy once again breaks the new record of infrared mounting price of UAVs

800 friction and wear experimental machine series also has its own characteristics in data processing *600 large array infrared PTZ, as the pinnacle of infrared load, has extremely rich application scenarios. It ranks first in the application field of UAV industry and sweeps thousands of troops. Even in scenes with long distance and small temperature difference, it can also present excellent ultra-high definition infrared thermal images with eagle's eye. The general Red Army is coming unstoppably, The infrared load of UAV reached a new high

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