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Members of the industry committee are suspected of being splashed with paint related to the selection and employment of property management

members of the industry committee are suspected of being splashed with paint related to the selection and employment of property management

May 6, 2013

[China paint information] in the morning of May 1, Mr. Guo, who lives in triumph City, Jinhong, Bao'an District, called this newspaper, reflecting that several owners in the community have received threats from unidentified persons in the past few days. At about 11:30 p.m. on April 30, red paint was splashed on the door of two owners in the community. Some owners suspected that the matter was related to the public bidding of the property company in the community

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the owner's door was splashed with red paint

incident: the owner was splashed with paint at the door in the middle of the night. "Mom, why is there a smell of paint?" At about 11:30 p.m. on April 30, Ms. Li and her family in triumph City, Jinhong, Bao'an District were preparing to rest. After their daughter reminded them, the couple began to look for the source of the smell. Later, I found that the two gates inside and outside were splashed with red paint, which startled the family. Ms. Li immediately picked up the alarm and told other owners who often had contact with her

because he was away from home, after knowing this, Mr. Ye didn't know whether his door was also splashed with paint, so he entrusted his friend Mr. Guo to check it. "When I saw it, I was splashed with paint and spilled all over the floor." Mr. Guo said

in the afternoon of May 1, I came to the incident corridor of the community with Mr. Guo. As soon as I got off the elevator, I smelled a strong smell of paint. I saw that at the door of Mr. Ye's house, the paint sprinkled on the security door had not completely dried, and the floor was also sprinkled with red paint. At the door of Miss Li's house, I saw the same situation

according to Miss Li, the party concerned, she checked the surveillance video with the owners after the incident. In the video close to the time of the incident, two mysterious men appeared. "They wore white T-shirts to congratulate everyone on their family happiness, good luck, good health and prosperous business. When they arrived in the lobby, they took the elevator separately, and the two went out together."

some owners pointed out that at about 11:30 that night, the two mysterious men appeared in the building where the incident occurred at the same time

questioning: repeatedly intimidated or related to property bidding

Miss Li and Mr. Ye's family have been splashing red paint one after another, and both of them are members of the industry committee, of which Ms. Li is the Executive Secretary Assistant of the industry committee and Mr. Ye is a member of the industry committee. Such a coincidence made them cross examine and began to suspect that they were related to the public bidding property company in the community

according to Ms. Li, since April 27, members of the community industry committee have received harassment and intimidation from unidentified people, who used five different numbers to intimidate them with words such as "be careful when you go out, be careful about the safety of your family and children, and be ready to prepare for your wife and children". "This kind of thing happened to such a closed community." Ms. Li said angrily

investigation: visitors from the community where the incident occurred can enter and leave at will

in addition to the red paint splashing incident, some community owners reported to the: "community personnel can enter and leave at will, and there are also theft incidents, and some even plug prostitution advertisements through the cracks of the door."

when we went to the gate of the community, we found that the words "private garden, visitor registration" were written on it, but visitors were free to enter and leave. The security personnel patrolled the side, but did not ask the identity of the entrants and exits. The aluminum materials on display included shock absorption parts, chassis connecting sleeves, steering system, brake system parts and components, and registration. Just yesterday morning, there was a case that the owner threw down the disinfection cabinet from the upstairs in a building in the community. Fortunately, no casualties were caused

property management company: we will never do such a thing

it is understood that there are 2866 owners in Jinhong triumph city. The owners' committee held an owners' meeting in December last year. The owners voted against the renewal plan of Shenzhen Nanyou Property Management Co., Ltd. and publicly invited bids to select property service enterprises. This time, the members of the industry committee were splashed with paint. Some owners questioned that this was related to the bidding of the community property company

in the afternoon of May 1, I went to Nanyou Property Management Co., Ltd. to inquire. Mr. Peng, a staff member of the property company, said, "we will cooperate with the police to investigate and hope to investigate this matter as soon as possible and return our innocence." Another senior captain of the security team answered more positively: "this matter has absolutely nothing to do with us. We can't do such a thing at this juncture."

with regard to the lax management of access to the community proposed by the owners, team leader Gao said that before, in the community, the limit block 8 was used to fix it on the shaft rack 9 line, and the card access management method was used, but the owners of the community often did not carry a card, especially the elderly and children. "We didn't verify our identity during the peak period of personnel entering and leaving, especially during the school hours of students." Captain Gao said

on May 1, the members of the industry committee gathered together to report the situation to the relevant departments, and issued an emergency report in the community, with pictures of the scene of the red paint splashed, hoping that Nanyou Property Management Co., Ltd. would strengthen property security during the bidding transition period to prevent larger and worse violations of personal safety

next, Bao'an police will conduct further investigation of the case

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