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Practice of improving the packaging quality of steel products

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in the market competition, product quality is always the focus of competition, and product appearance and packaging quality, as an important part of product quality, also reflect the overall quality management level of an enterprise to some extent, representing the image of the enterprise. This paper mainly introduces that in order to comprehensively improve the packaging quality of products, Baotou Steel has organized a comprehensive inspection of the packaging quality of all steel products, investigated the company and major sales warehouses in other cities, saved the results to the database, and listened to the opinions and suggestions of users; On the basis of comparing with the packaging and marking of similar products of other enterprises, learning from each other's strong points to make up for their weaknesses, and according to the production process conditions of Baotou Steel, the improvement measures for product packaging and marking are put forward. Through practice, all factories have improved the packaging methods and further improved the packaging quality

1 importance of product packaging identification

packaging identification is to facilitate the handover of goods, prevent wrong shipment and wrong transportation, facilitate the identification, transportation, storage, customs and other relevant departments to carry out inspection, and also facilitate the consignee to pick up the goods and mark the number on the outer package of import and export goods. The packaging identification of steel products is not only the "ID card" to identify products, but also, as a "silent salesman", its quality is also an important part of product quality

packaging, as the "coat" of products, mainly plays the role of protection and identification. Improper packaging methods or poor packaging quality, on the one hand, will bring inconvenience to transportation, on the other hand, will directly cause defects such as corrosion, indentation and damage of products, which will affect the use of users. In severe cases, it may lead to material degradation or scrap, causing losses to both the supplier and the demander. At the same time, unclear identification will bring trouble to the inspection and identification of the consignee and users, In addition, the steel market price is changing rapidly, and "unidentified" products will affect the price of products sold. In addition, the appearance quality also reflects the quality management level and product image of the enterprise, which will leave a deep impression on the user's first sense. A good appearance image will have a preconceived effect. If users have a poor impression of the packaging on the surface of the product, it is difficult to connect with a stable and excellent management enterprise. Even if the internal quality of the product is better than that of other enterprises, it will take a period of time to get the recognition of users. At the same time, the enterprise that produces the product will also leave a distinct impression in the eyes of users. Therefore, The physical quality and packaging quality of products are of great strategic significance for establishing the product image of enterprises and improving the market share of products

2 problems in the packaging of steel products

in the past, in the steel market where the supply exceeds the demand, users did not pay special attention to the packaging quality of products, and enterprises also believed that according to the requirements of the national standard, the products in the factory could be identified and identified, without further considering the quality problems caused by improper packaging in the process of "ex factory transportation storage users", Moreover, they did not spend more energy and cost on the appearance and packaging quality of products. In addition, due to the small variety of products, most large enterprises face relatively fixed users, and the products reach users in the form of direct supply. Through use, users have recognized the internal quality of product composition and performance, while there are no excessive requirements for product packaging and identification, as long as the physical mark is consistent with the warranty, so, The packaging of steel products is in accordance with the three standards of gbpt2101 - 1989, gbpt2102 - 1980 and gbpt247 - 1997. Together with the relevant provisions of the product standards, it basically includes the general provisions on the packaging, identification and quality certificate of all kinds of section steel (bar steel, special-shaped steel and wire rod), steel pipe, steel plate and steel strip

in recent years, due to the development and wide application of steel products, the variety of products has increased, and steel products have been subdivided in market sales. With the increasingly fierce market competition, users are particularly picky about products. Therefore, in addition to the internal quality of products, the quality of product appearance, packaging and identification has also become one of the factors that strongly help market competition for the successful transformation of enterprises. In particular, With the continuous expansion of the production capacity and varieties of enterprises, there is no longer a one-to-one relationship between enterprises and users. The emergence of intermediaries makes the products reach users' hands through multiple transshipments. In this way, under the condition that users think the use effect is the same, the physical packaging identification of products is particularly important. Because the transportation, loading and unloading conditions and storage methods of products are not unified, if the products are reshipped for many times, it may be that the products have arrived in the hands of users and are quite different from the products before leaving the factory, which will not only affect the surface quality of products, but also affect the next use of users due to unclear identification. Therefore, it is easy to be falsely used by some people and cause quality objections. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of users, manufacturers must consider from the perspective of users, and the packaging logo should not only be easy to identify, but also make the packaging really play a role in protecting products

in order to narrow the gap between the product packaging quality of Baotou Steel and domestic advanced enterprises, and make the physical quality and packaging identification quality of the company's products meet the requirements of customers to the greatest extent, the technology and quality department organized the inspection of all steel products of the company, and at the same time, visited and investigated the overseas branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places to understand the management of the packaging quality of steel products, We listened to the users' opinions and suggestions on the packaging quality of Baotou steel products. Judging from the packaging quality problems reported by users, most of them have the following problems:

2 1. The packaging is carried out according to the standard, but the products that arrive in the hands of users sometimes have quality problems due to improper packaging

the products that pass the inspection are put into storage and stacked according to the management requirements of relevant standards. There is no problem before leaving the factory. After leaving the factory, the situation is different, especially in the process of transportation, after several reshipments, the qualified products look like defective products from the appearance, Of course, this has a lot to do with the transportation of products and the storage mode of users, but only in accordance with the relevant packaging standards of products, without considering the factors such as transportation distance, hoisting mode, climatic conditions, storage requirements, etc., such packaging is also a failure. The content on packaging in the national standard is the minimum requirement for the packaging and identification of steel products, and it is a general rule for the packaging and identification requirements of all similar products. It does not list the problems caused by special conditions such as climate, storage, transportation, etc. For example, in the packaging standard of cold-rolled steel coils, requirements are put forward for the binding method and the number of passes of cold-rolled coils, but the problems caused by different hoisting equipment, transportation methods, environment, etc. are not explained in the standard. These contents are also impossible to be comprehensive in the standard. Therefore, when the cold-rolled coil products packaged according to the standard encounter rainy days or humid environment, if there are no corresponding measures, such as making water leakage holes or air holes in the outer packaging, the rust of the steel coils is inevitable, It not only affects the use of users, but also brings economic losses to the company due to claims. Below, we will introduce the operation methods in combination with the frequently used Merlin software, which will affect the credibility of the company's products in the market

2. 2. Quality problems caused by product transportation

due to different storage and transportation conditions in various regions, enterprises cannot control the storage, transportation, loading and unloading and other links of steel. In addition, there is a large gap between the storage, transportation, loading and unloading industries and foreign developed countries in terms of technical level, market maturity, management and so on. When loading and unloading, in order to pursue speed, they do not carry out orderly loading and unloading in accordance with the standard methods. In many cases, in order to save trouble, they even hang the packaging belt directly, Cause loose rolls (bags), and some cause bumps and scratches on the surface of products. Such illegal storage and transportation and brutal loading and unloading will cause great damage to products

2. 3. The packaging process of the process line

the old production line of the enterprise has no packaging equipment, the products packaged manually are limited, and the packaging materials can not meet the use requirements. In addition, due to the limitations of process conditions such as site and delivery time, the packaging speed can not keep up with the production pace, affecting the smooth logistics, the labor intensity of personnel is very high, and some employees are not strong, so the product packaging appears rough and insufficient in appearance

2. 4. Packaging cost and price factors of products

for the packaging of products, considering the cost and price factors, manufacturers are not willing to increase the cost due to packaging, and users are not willing to buy "hardcover" products with slightly higher prices. Therefore, the two sides reached an agreement that the packaging of some products, such as those provided by users, is not completely in accordance with the standard requirements. At present, the product quality objection caused by inadequate packaging can not be ignored

2. 5. The product identifications of the same enterprise are not unified.

as products sold by an enterprise, due to different types of products and different uses, the product identifications of various manufacturers are diverse, and the identifications are not unified, which inevitably makes people suspect that they are counterfeit products

3 improvement methods

through inspection, combined with the feedback of warehouses and users throughout the investigation, in order to strengthen the management of packaging quality and establish the company's product image, the company has put forward specific requirements for the packaging requirements of various products to be improved

3. 1 unified product identification

the identification of steel products is a mark of traceability of products, which includes printing (thermal printing), spraying identification and labeling on products. In addition to the description of the product itself, the content also includes the factory logo of the enterprise, so that people can accurately identify the manufacturer of the product. Therefore, the product identification is a window to show users, representing the image of the enterprise

in the past, each factory designed its own marks according to the characteristics of its products. There were many handwritten contents. The use of the factory logo was very irregular, and it was often stolen by counterfeiters. Therefore, the technology and quality department and the corporate culture Department of the company jointly designed the product logo, unified and standardized the format of the factory logo and factory name on the product logo, so that each factory can correctly use the "sun and moon shine" logo registered by the company, At the same time, the content of the label must be in both Chinese and English

in addition, the quality certificate reflecting the detailed quality information of the product also has further requirements on the format, such as the requirements that the contents are all in Chinese and English, must use the company's unified factory logo format, must be printed by computer, etc. At present, the identification of all ex factory products of Baotou Steel has been unified as required

3. 2. Formulate the implementation rules and enterprise standards for the management of product packaging and identification. In order to further standardize the packaging and identification operations of all steel products of the company, ensure that the surface quality and identification of products will not be affected due to loose packaging, rust and other reasons during the transportation and reshipment of products after leaving the factory, so as to meet the needs of users, the company according to the product packaging equipment level, technical operation level and current packaging quality status of each finished material factory, For all products, the implementation rules of product packaging and identification management with strong operability are formulated. The rules not only include the working procedures of product packaging and identification, operation methods, material of packaging materials, label (tag) form, management requirements, assessment and other contents, but also clarify the responsibilities of various departments related to packaging quality, so that the quality of product packaging and identification can be improved by strengthening management under the condition of existing equipment level

in addition, the company also formulated internal control standards for packaging marks of thin slab continuous casting and rolling cold and hot rolled coils and strip steel products with relatively mature packaging conditions. Based on the national standard, the standard adds and subtracts according to the factors such as transportation distance, storage conditions, climatic conditions, special requirements of users, and combines the packaging methods that meet different requirements. At the same time, the

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