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Brief introduction to the development of cosmetic filling machines in China

I. overview of filling machines

there are three main categories of filling according to the category of packaging: bags, hoses and bottles. The selection of filling machines is closely related to the packaging. Bag packaging and filling: Semi-automatic filling machine and semi-automatic sealing or automatic continuous bag packaging machine (divided into three-dimensional standard configuration and horizontal machine, which is the model developed in recent years) are used. The main products of cosmetics are small packages. The domestic leading enterprises of automatic bag packaging machine include Shanghai Komatsu, Beijing Maiwei and Chengdu Jingwei, and more than 100 enterprises produce such machines in China

hose filling: there are two ways - head and tail. Head filling is suitable for small enterprises, with multiple varieties and small batches of products, and the existing semi-automatic filling machine can be used. The quality of tail sealing can be guaranteed by the supplier with less investment. Tail filling is suitable for enterprises with large quantities, with high production efficiency, but large enterprise investment. There is still a gap between the hose filling and sealing machine developed in China and the collection of foreign advanced countries directly based on this mobilization in the future

bottle filling: bottle is the largest packaging form in cosmetics products. There are three kinds of materials: cream, milk, water and lotion; From the type of bottle, there are two categories: large mouth bottle and small mouth bottle. There is little difference between the caliber of the bottle mouth and the overall dimension of the bottle body (diameter, length and width). The caliber of the mouth of a small mouth bottle is generally no more than 2cm, and the height of the bottle is generally several times of the caliber

the filling of the above-mentioned two kinds of bottle bodies adopts manual and semi-automatic filling on the production line, accounting for more than 90% of the total domestic cosmetics (including foreign enterprises), which is the mainstream in China. Automatic filling is widely used by foreign-funded enterprises. Filling machines are generally imported from abroad. In recent years, automatic filling machines and semi-automatic filling machines developed in China have been selected

II. Brief introduction to the development and selection of cosmetics filling machinery and packaging machinery

in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the filling of cosmetics in China relied on simple machinery made by enterprises. After the opening up in the 1980s, a few state-owned enterprises began to introduce a small amount of foreign filling machinery or develop filling machines by themselves. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, with the entry of foreign professional manufacturers into the Chinese market and the establishment of foreign-funded (cosmetics) enterprises, the development of Chinese cosmetics enterprises was promoted

after more than 10 years of efforts, China's cosmetics filling and packaging machinery has been able to rely on its own development and digestion of foreign-funded enterprise product technology, which basically meets the development needs of the cosmetics industry. Among them, the cosmetics filling machine developed in Shanghai has not only entered many internationally renowned cosmetics enterprises in China, such as Shiseido, Coty, CD, Marykay, Revlon, Unilever, etc., but also exported to the United States since 2001, in addition to Southeast Asian countries and countries in the Middle East

the selection of filling machine depends on the following factors: material characteristics (viscosity, foaming), filling capacity, bottle shape and productivity, and purchasing power

(I) for small and medium-sized enterprises, even foreign enterprises, semi-automatic filling machine is a practical choice in the case of more product varieties, less batches, or considering less investment. At present, it sells well in Guangdong, where cosmetics production enterprises are the most intensive

(II) for enterprises with many product varieties and large batch processing, it is suitable to combine semi-automatic filling machines with automatic filling machines

(III) for new enterprises, when the product range is narrow, they have certain investment capacity, and the company has certain influence, it is appropriate to choose automatic filling machines

(IV) for product varieties, when the quantity of main varieties is very large, and some varieties are small, "Mr. Bakker said, it is mainly to choose production lines with a high degree of automation, supplemented by a small number of semi-automatic filling machines

(V) another important factor affecting the choice of models is often related to the experience, habits and investment decisions of enterprise managers. (Zhang Xinlong)

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