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Behind the volume reduction transaction of glass Futures: the mentality of the long and short parties is very different

yesterday, the glass futures of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengzhou commercial exchange") ended its "excited" trading state for many days, and the trading volume fell significantly compared with the previous trading day, among which the trading volume of the main 1305 contract fell below 1million for the first time since December 11. However, behind the relatively cold trading market conditions, the mentality of both long and short sides is quite different

for the participants in the domestic futures market, the glass futures listed on the 3rd of this month is definitely an "alternative". The main 1305 contract was warmly pursued as soon as it was listed. In the past 18 trading days, the trading volume of the contract has exceeded 1million hands in 14 trading days. Yesterday, the enthusiasm of both long and short trading decreased, and the contract was concluded by 99. 60000 hands, a decrease of 56 compared with the previous trading day. 50000 hands; The position is 25. 30000 hands, 2 less than the previous trading day. 60000 hands

with the decline of trading volume, the fluctuation range of 1305 contract price of glass futures has also decreased. The contract price yesterday was 1354 yuan/ton at the highest and 1344 yuan/ton at the lowest, closing at 1352 yuan/ton, a slight increase of 1 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The intraday fluctuation range is only 10 yuan/ton, which is also the lowest fluctuation record since the 1305 contract of glass futures was listed

however, behind this seemingly mundane transaction, there are great differences in the attitudes of the long and short sides towards the future market

after trading yesterday, the faster position holding data released by Zheng Shang showed that 7907 long positions in the top 20 positions of glass futures 1305 contracts were significantly increased. The main positions increased were Guohai Liangshi, Jiangsu Hongye and Huatai Great Wall, with 6539, 2983 and 1883 positions increased respectively; Among the long positions, Huaxin futures is the only one with more than 1000 positions reduced, with 2395 positions reduced

contrary to the position increase of long positions, the short positions in the top 20 positions of the contract have significantly reduced 6818 positions. The main positions reduced were China Securities Futures, Zhejiang merchants futures, Huatai great wall and Guotai Junan, with 2494 positions reduced, 2485 positions reduced and 1497 positions reduced respectively Cement negative pressure sieve analyzer with 5 hands and 1280 hands; Among the short positions, only Yongan futures has increased its short positions by more than 1000 hands, with 1161 positions increased

in the futures market, the positions of both long and short sides should be matched one by one. In the case of the overall reduction of glass 1305 contract positions, the position data of Zheng Shangsuo shows that the short position reduction is relatively concentrated, and the long position reduction appears to be scattered under the general trend of global energy conservation and emission reduction. The development of domestic new energy vehicles will continue to be hot, and the demand for high-end automotive aluminum alloy products will also maintain a stable growth

"from the perspective of position changes, the main bulls still seem to be optimistic about the future price of glass futures. Although the glass futures price has increased significantly in the past two weeks, there is still room for inertia in the glass futures price against the background of the market's expectation of the urbanization effect." Gaoyanrong, an analyst at Shanghai mainland futures, pointed out

since the listing of glass futures, the fluctuation range of contract price has been relatively large. On December 3, the contract price of glass 1305 opened at 1373 yuan/ton, up to 1385 yuan/ton, and closed at 1318 yuan/ton; On December 13, the minimum price of the contract fell to 1282 yuan/ton; On December 25, the maximum contract price rose to 1363 yuan/ton

"from the perspective of fundamentals, it is difficult for the overall demand of the spot market to improve at present. The downstream use and purchase, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is relatively strong. Although the spot price remains stable, it still faces downward pressure; as for the futures market, the trading volume of the main 1305 contract contracted to less than 1million hands yesterday, and the short-term trend is relatively strong. Although it does not rule out the possibility of continuing to attack, it is not suitable to catch up." Good luck futures analyst Xue Yong pointed out

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