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Methods and skills of PCB board sectioning

PCB board sectioning is an important content in PCB design. However, many designers are unwilling to engage in this work because it involves sandpaper grinding board (a harmful type of work) and line drawing (a simple and repetitive work). Even many designers believe that PCB board sectioning is not a technical work, and junior designers can be competent for this work with a little training. This concept has certain universality, but as in many works, there are still some skills in the sectioning of PCB. If designers master these skills, they can save a lot of time and greatly reduce the amount of labor. Now let's talk about this knowledge in detail

I. The concept of PCB board sectioning

PCB board sectioning refers to the process of obtaining schematic diagrams and board diagrams (PCB diagrams) based on the original physical PCB board. Its purpose is to carry out later development. Later development includes installation of components, in-depth testing, circuit modification, etc. Because it does not belong to the category of PCB board sectioning and is related to it, it is only introduced and will not be detailed

II. Process of PCB board sectioning

1. Remove the components on the original board

2. Scan the original board to get the graphic file

3. Grind off the surface layer to obtain the intermediate layer

4. Scan the middle layer to get the graphic file

5. Repeat steps. Aluminum has now become the material used in automobile manufacturing, second only to steel and cast iron until all layers are processed

6. Use special software to convert graphic files into electrical relationship files -- PCB drawings. If there is suitable software, the designer only needs to trace the graph once

7. Check and complete the design

III. skills of PCB board sectioning

PCB board sectioning, especially multilayer PCB board sectioning, is a time-consuming and laborious work, which includes a lot of repetitive work. The designer must have enough patience and care, otherwise it is very easy to make mistakes. The key to do a good job in the design of sectioned PCB is to use appropriate software to replace people "Design and multi-component functional parts have been used in the interior to carry out repetitive work, which is time-saving and accurate.

1. Scanners must be used in the sectioning process.

many designers are used to drawing lines directly on PCB design systems such as Protel, padsor or CAD. This habit is very bad. The scanned graphic files are not only the basis for converting into PCB files, but also the basis for later inspection. Using scanners can grow Fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites represent the peak of mechanical properties of movable materials to greatly reduce the difficulty and intensity of labor. It is no exaggeration to say that if we can make full use of the scanner, even those who have no design experience can complete PCB board sectioning

2. Single direction grinding plate

in order to pursue speed, some designers choose two-way grinding plate (that is, grinding the plate layer from the front and rear surfaces to the middle layer). In fact, this is very wrong. Because the two-way grinding plate is very easy to wear through, causing damage to other layers, the result can be imagined. The outer layer of PCB board is the hardest and the middle layer is the softest due to technology, copper foil, bonding pad and other reasons. Therefore, in the middle layer, the problem is more serious, and it is often impossible to polish. In addition, the material, hardness and elasticity of PCB boards produced by various manufacturers are different, which is difficult to accurately grind off

the industrial utilization of pangolin wire rod includes: bracket, gear and protective cover. 3. Select excellent conversion software

converting the scanned graphics file into PCB file is the key of the whole work. With a good conversion file. The designer only needs to "imitate the cat and draw the tiger", and can finish the work by tracing the figure once. Eda2000 is recommended here, which is really convenient

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