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Instant electric water heater: "metal tube" attacks "glass tube"

in the life history of electric water heaters in China, instant electric water heaters are still a generation of babbling, but this generation of babbling has been deeply rooted in the true stories of our predecessors of water heaters: gas water heaters, China vs. Wanjiale, Wanhe vs. Wanjiale, Haier electric wall of electric water heaters vs. a.o. Smith, Ariston

instant electric water heaters, which have been on the rise since 2000, have grown rapidly in the past two years. According to the data monitoring of zhongyikang, from January to June 2008, the domestic instant electric water heaters increased by 73.4% year-on-year, much higher than the overall market and slightly higher than the year-on-year increase in the first half of 2007. The sales and sales volume were 440million yuan and 250000 units respectively, with an average price of 1975 yuan, 27.1% and 45% higher than gas-fired water heaters and water storage water heaters respectively, The number of brands in the market has reached 79, an increase of 24 compared with 2006, and the annual market capacity accounts for nearly 5% of the whole water heater market share. After nearly a decade of development, the instantaneous electric water heater industry has begun to take shape

the growth of instant electric water heaters has been accompanied by continuous wars and disputes, which have formed their own schools. Recently, the war between the "metal pipe" school and the "glass pipe" school broke out

the so-called "metal pipe" school refers to the enterprise camp that the material of the main element heating body of the instant electric water heater is made of metal. The main materials are stainless steel, red copper, etc. compared with stainless steel, red copper has good ductility, can be made into seamless copper pipe, with enhanced thermal conductivity, and can also effectively prevent water leakage and leakage. However, because the price of red copper is higher than that of stainless steel, for cost considerations, Most enterprises use stainless steel as the liner and heater

the biggest advantage of stainless steel heater is its mature technology, stable performance and high thermal efficiency. In 10 seconds, the power can reach 7500w~8000w, realizing the instant opening and use of hot water without preheating, saving time and electricity

the representative brands of the "metal pipe" genre are: otron, eloga, olec, spolac, Knox

as the first brand to enter the instant electric water heater industry in China, altrand has obtained the highest return of market share by virtue of its first mover advantage

it is worth noting that ailejia, the largest export enterprise in the instant electric water heater industry, has demonstrated its technical strength in the market with the most advanced patented anti scald invention technology in China. At present, all the instant electric water heaters of elochia adopt the most advanced constant temperature technology. The internal use of computer module structure, with sprinkler scald prevention technology and bubble detection technology, the products are positioned at the middle and high-end quality

Mr. Yang Dingwu, the technical director of elochia products, believes that what is different from the "fake scald prevention technology" in the market is the "real scald prevention technology" of elochia, which mainly reflects that the focus of elochia's scald prevention technology is the outlet water temperature. Compared with the traditional focus on the temperature of the inner tank, it has double scald prevention advantages, reflecting the humanistic care spirit of elochia's brand. At present, a large number of elochia's instant electric water heaters are exported to Europe, It has been fully listed in China

another representative brand of the "metal pipe" school, orec instant electric water heater, is a dark horse in the instant electric water heater industry. It entered the forefront of the industry two years after it was listed, and was rated as "China's famous brand". Chen Hongcheng, general manager of l'orec Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., believes that the "metal tube" heater has more advantages in thermal efficiency and safety, and has a higher energy efficiency ratio

the so-called "glass tube" school refers to the enterprise camp composed of non-metallic materials for the main components of instant electric water heaters. The representative brands are: Hannover, Harvard

the main non-metallic heaters in the market are made of three materials: crystal (quartz), glass and ceramics. A layer of heating material is attached to the outer wall of the non-metallic pipe made of non-metallic materials in the form of high-temperature sintering, normal temperature coating or printing. As the material of the heat generator of electric water heater, crystal is the best medium in terms of safety and heat conduction. The "QSC" non-metallic crystal heater with relatively advanced technology is pursued by many customers in the market. At the same time, many manufacturers follow up and imitate it, but due to the limitations of technical level, it does not perform very well in terms of stability, durability and so on. As crystal is a natural scarce mineral, it is relatively expensive and difficult to produce and process, which determines that it cannot be widely used in electric water heaters. At present, quartz glass tubes are popular in the market

see the following figure for the performance comparison of main materials of non-metallic heater

the main advantage of the "glass tube" instantaneous electric water heater represented by Hannover and Harvard, for example, is that it really does not scale and prevents water leakage and leakage. The disadvantage of the "glass tube" school is that crystal, ceramics and glass are fragile, which brings higher requirements for installation and transportation, and the heating efficiency is lower than that of metal heating elements, and the loss is relatively large. Therefore, the reasonable design and use of non-metallic heat generators is a complex process

"metal tube" school attacks the five key points of "glass tube" School:

first, the thermal conductivity of glass tube is poor, which will cause a lot of energy waste and low thermal efficiency in the heating process

II. When the outer wall is used for heating, the outside temperature of the pipe wall is extremely high, and there is cold water inside. The interior of the glass pipe shrinks and expands, resulting in great distortion stress, which is easy to cause the glass pipe to burst. Even if it does not burst, the service life of the glass tube will be greatly shortened

III. the glass tube is hard, but its toughness is very small, and its pressure bearing capacity is limited. When the tap water pressure is too high, it is easy to crack

IV. the glass tube has great potential safety hazards. Once the glass tube bursts or cracks, the current on the outer wall of the glass tube will be connected with the water in the glass tube, making the water charged and endangering life safety

v. PTC electrothermal film begins to decay after working for a period of time, and the power decreases by about 10% every 360 hours

the camp of "making all transmission systems run safely glass tubes" has grasped the weakness of the camp of "metal tubes": it is the unavoidable scaling problem of metal heat generators, and non-metal can effectively avoid the hidden dangers of water leakage and leakage caused by scaling

on the scale problem of "Golden Link computer realizes full computer control and prints standard experimental reports; completely changes the shortcomings of traditional material type experimental machine, such as cumbersome machine, complex operation and single performance. It belongs to the pipe", Chen Hongcheng, general manager of Zhongshan olec Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., believes that olec has effectively solved this problem by using laser seamless double-layer welded yinglei 800 heat generator. The material of ingle 800 is mainly nickel chromium alloy used in aerospace, which has the characteristics of not easy to adhere to scale, corrosion resistance, high pressure and so on. It adopts internal and external double-layer welding at weak joints, and has passed the 3600 hour service life test. L'orec has become a strong brand in the metal heat generator technology camp of instant electric water heaters

for the hidden dangers of water leakage and leakage of metal heating elements of instant electric water heaters, professionals believe that this is the most basic problem in entering this industry. For example, elojia enterprise has been engaged in the export of household electronic products to the European and American markets for ten years. The instant electric water heaters are sold to European developed countries. The instant electric water heaters of elojia implement international standards. The enterprise has established the annexation and integration of the world's medical device industry with the highest domestic technology level. 1. The instant electric water heater laboratory has been in progress, and the probability of hidden dangers of water leakage and leakage is almost zero

Mr. Yang Dingwu, the product technical director of ailejia, believes that the metal heater of instant electric water heater has already perfectly solved the hidden dangers of water leakage and leakage. After years of careful development, ailejia instant electric water heater currently adopts red copper heating technology, which has good thermal conductivity, high thermal efficiency and long service life. At the same time, it has the advantages of not easy to scale, not easy to leak, green environmental protection and energy saving. Red copper material also has antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties, which greatly improves the stability and durability of the whole machine. Ailejia brand has always been positioned as the leading brand in China's instant electric water heater industry. Through the continuous standardization and strengthening of enterprise internal management, product research and development and other aspects, it enhances the brand value of ailejia

through the long-term PK of the two camps of metal and non-metal heaters of instant electric water heaters, the technology of the overall industry of instant electric water heaters has developed rapidly, and the final arbiter who decides who wins the market is always the consumer. Of course, whether the metal heater wins, or the non-metallic heater has more advantages, and even finds more suitable and feasible alternative materials, the ultimate benefit will be consumers

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