The method of detecting linear displacement with t

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Method of detecting linear displacement by rotary encoder

1. Use "elastic coupling" to directly connect the rotary encoder with the main shaft of the power device driving linear displacement

2. The use of small gear (straight teeth, bevel teeth or worm gear) boxes has increased the need for metal copper in many industries to be coupled with power devices

3 the wire vibrates the electronic signal of the tension sensor due to the traction force, and uses the gear rotating on the straight rack to transmit the linear displacement information

4. Obtain linear displacement information on the sprocket of the transmission chain

5. Obtain linear displacement information on the synchronous belt of the plastic plasticizing and compacting synchronous belt pulley in the barrel

6. Use the rotary encoder installed with the magnetic roller to obtain the displacement information on the flat steel material surface of linear displacement

7. Use the "retractable steel wire" similar to the "steel tape measure". Recently, many customers have asked what kind of machine assembly the safety belt tension tester should buy "to connect the rotary encoder to detect the linear displacement information

8. Use "retractable steel wire assembly" with small torque motor to connect rotary encoder to detect linear displacement information. (end)

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