The method of making interior decorative art glass

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Printing technology to make interior decorative art glass

1 Market Snapshot

nowadays, more and more families want to decorate their homes with elegance and interest after moving to new homes. As a result, many unique art glasses came into being, adding a beautiful scene to decorate people's homes

at present, there are dozens of types of polished glass on the market. In addition to the common frosted glass, cracked glass, cloth glass, spiral glass, cashew nut glass, leaf glass, ice flower glass, and painted glass, there are many devices that often replace samples with more decorative ones, such as hot-melt glass, laser engraved glass, basic glass, hot bending glass, etc. Due to the introduction of multiple processes such as fine carving, grinding carving and hot melting, especially the use of printing technology, the pattern design of art glass has made a breakthrough, which can be described vividly. Through these glasses, we can see the sun, glaciers, underwater world, eagle wings. The effect similar to relief makes people feel more about the mystery of nature, the movement and vitality of life. In addition, there are Chinese auspicious patterns such as the auspicious dragon and Phoenix, the mandarin duck playing in the water, the Red Phoenix and the rising sun, the rising sun, the pine and crane extending the year, the hundred longevity picture, the hundred blessings picture, and so on. The use of these glasses in the bedroom makes people feel its unique artistic atmosphere, and at the same time, they can also get good wishes from it, so as to add a little warmth and passion to ordinary daily life

art glass is also increasingly widely used in the bedroom. It can be embedded on the door of the room, the wall cabinet and the bathroom door to increase the brightness and permeability; It can also be imitated into a fireplace, and the light is integrated with the color lines, which is like a burning flame under the light. Breaking the conventional pattern in material selection reflects the unique fresh aesthetic feeling; If it is designed as a partition such as a glass screen, it is also a good idea. The pattern can be decorative patterns or abstract paintings. The lines are natural and simple, with a decorative effect that brightens the eyes

in the 1990s, the author went to Luoyang to participate in the 14th peony festival. Only then did he know that Luoyang's glass is a nationally famous product. No wonder the local government made a big fuss about glass and produced a large number of carved and sandblasted glass decorative works of art, which are expensive. The reason is that the patterns on the glass are made by traditional sand blasting. This process has the advantages of large investment, high cost, low efficiency, much dust pollution and rough graphics. Now, the use of glass etching paste and printing technology can achieve a more simple, time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving, more refined and elegant frosting milky effect than sand blasting. Compared with the traditional process of glass sand blasting, the glass etching slurry technology has the following advantages:

1. The glass grinding process has large dust, loud noise and covers an area of more than 6m2, while the glass printed by glass etching slurry has no dust and noise

2. The area of glass processed by sand blasting process is limited by the equipment, and the printing area is not limited by the processing area. The printing size is as large as 120cm. In recent years, aging resistant PP material replacement scheme has gradually appeared × 240cm is not a problem

3. The sand blasting process can process 20m2 per person per day, while the printing process can produce 30m2 per person per hour

4. The sand blasting process cannot directly process the glass that has been assembled on the building, while the plate printing can easily and quickly enter the easy to open packaging and portable packaging of the glass that has been assembled at any position, which is a prominent trend that will maintain the growth momentum in the future

2 printing process

1) 100 ~ 150 mesh polyester yarn and water sensitive photoresist emulsion are used for plate making

2) when using glass etching slurry, it should be fully stirred. Do not use iron or glass mixer, and it is best to use "wooden chopsticks" to stir

3) remove the dirt on the glass surface before printing, and then wipe it with a cleaning cloth

4) after printing with silk for about 1 ~ 2 minutes, wash the etching slurry on the glass surface with clean water, which shows the frosted milky effect. The printing process is so easy and simple

5) after using up the version, rinse it with clean water immediately and dry it in a cool place for next use

6) precautions: the working environment should be well ventilated. Do not add water and other diluents in the glass etching slurry arbitrarily to avoid touching the eyes and skin wounds

3 special recommendation

at present, the warming of the real estate industry has also driven the popularity of interior decoration, and the previously depressed glass decoration industry has also become lively with the thaw. Printing glass etching processing business is developing rapidly. Therefore, this project is especially recommended for the laid-off and unemployed, because the investment is not large, only two self-made equipment are needed, one is a silk screen platen, and the specification is 120 × 240cm, which can meet the general processing and printing needs; The other is a photosensitive plate making box with a specification of 120 × 240cm, plus several metal frames, the total cost is less than 5000 yuan to carry out processing business. The glass etching paste and glass frosting paste supplied on the market are cheap at 18 yuan per kg, with a printable area of about 25m2 per kg. They are products with considerable added value for glass decoration. Processing etched glass can also be said to be a kind of physical labor. Strong porters are needed to move glass up and down

whether the frosted pattern on the glass can attract customers depends on the computer design ability of technicians. If the current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that the ability of independent innovation is low, and there are few high-grade and personalized special varieties, then more processing orders will be received. Therefore, when dealing with business, it is best to make some samples of etched glass with different types of exquisite patterns and recommend them to customers

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